Conventional funds without any hassles

25 June 2010

People are no longer affixed to the normal 9-5 job, where in the income was fixed and regular. As of now, more and more individuals are opting to get out of this mould of mentality. These individuals are looking to generate income through unconventional means, which does allows a great degree of flexibility. So, when these individuals do need some amount of monetary assistance, so as to deal with their priorities, the best thing for them would be to opt for the provision of no income proof secured loans. With these loans, these individuals can easily source the funds against beneficial terms, which definitely sound befitting.

No income proof loans are ideal for applicants such as freelancers, business men, artist and self employed, who would not want to declare their income. Without taking all these things in to consideration, the loan amount is made available, which then can be used to deal with expenses pertaining to consolidating debts, refurbishing home, buying a car, taking care of medical expenses, wedding, going for a vacation and so forth.

As these loans fall under the category of secured option, you can only derive the funds by placing one of your precious assets as collateral. This can be anything such as your home, car, valuable property and other important documents. Further, the loan amount is approved only after assessing the equity value present in the collateral. Eventually, you do get to source a maximum amount of up to £100,000, which then has to be repaid over a period of 5-25 years.

Applicants with serious credit issues related to CCJs, IVA, arrears and defaults too can make use of the loans, albeit with a slightly high rate of interest. But then, on ensuring to make timely repayment of the loan amount, the applicants do get a chance to improve the credit score. Moreover, one can also make use of the online mode to source these loans against viable terms.

Therefore with no income proof secured loans, you can certainly avail the funds, which then enables you to deal with any financial crisis.


No income proof secured loans are collateral based loans. Through these loans, you have the opportunity to derive a bigger amount and this lets you avail the funds, within a shored span of time. Moreover, the terms and conditions of the loans are also quite viable.

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