Easy Cash Alternative for Homeowners

Home is the most precious possession of an individual. It is the place where you can derive heavenly pleasure. Therefore, purchasing home is one the greatest achievements in your life. To purchase a home, you need money. However, some people have not enough money to own a home. For them, homeowner loans are available in UK. Some years ago, the lenders used to lend their money to salaried people who have regular income. Now days, no income proof homeowner loans are available for the UK customers.

In common parlance, these are the loans given to the people without verifying their source of income. In other words, the no income proof homeowner loans are given to the first time home purchaser who is non-salaried person. Self employed businesspersons and retired persons are also eligible for such kind of loans.

At present, a large number of Britons are interested in no income proof homeowner loans due to the fact that they follow simple procedures and less risky. On the other hand, increase in the number of business communities in UK has also broadened the scope of no income proof homeowner loans. Generally, the businesspersons do not have regular money income. Even, salaried people can go for these loans. However, it depends upon the lenders.

Basically, three types of no income proof homeowner loans are available in UK financial market. These are - Stated income loans, No ratio loans and No document loans.

Stated income loans are meant for the working people who don't draw their wages on a regular basis to that of an employer. Such type of loan is suitable for the people who make money from commissions and tips. In case of stated income loans, income of the past two years must be stated. You are also required to produce bank statements or tax returns. Here no pay stubs and W2 forms are needed for homeowner loans.

The no ratio loan is fit for people who own more than one dealership. You need to state about your assets like bank balances, property, business ownership, stock and bonds.

The no document loans are also known as least documentation loans. They are based on credit score. If the borrower has good credit record, then he requires lesser documentation.


Thus, it is extremely clear that no income proof homeowner loans does not mean that the lender will not verify your income. Therefore, it is advisable to produce credible statements before the lender to obtain cheap loans immediately.

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