Get your cash aid without placing any security

7 February 2009


In situation if you are in need of cash urgently but can't access a regular loan due to having no proof of your stable earning cause you are a self employed one then don't worry as payday loan lenders who always serve to the residents of United Kingdom in their needs and in addition they configured No income proof loans that offer No Income Proof Self Employed Loans for such kinds of individuals who have certain crisis and have no alternate for it. It is one of the best way of availing fast cash when need it most.


The entire self employed one have a great opportunity in the name of No income proof loans as it provide cash without requiring any proof from the applicant but he has to complete a eligibility criteria of the loan. As:

  1. He must complete his 18 years of age if he is below 18 he will not been eligible for the same.
  2. Have possessed a bank account either saving or checking on his name in any reputed bank of UK.
  3. Account should be not less than 3 to 6 months older.
  4. He must be a working one along with the earning at least £1000 monthly.
  5. And the last but not the least he must have a same residential address for last one year along with citizenship of United Kingdom.

Once a self employed one meet the certain criteria of the loan he will be approved for such loan without having any worry about his credit or collateral as well.


In situation if you are unable to place any proof of your earning to availing a loan then only no income proof loan can be an apt option for you as its name intends itself it do not require any proof of income from the borrower while approving the loan. Infact it require only filling a simple online based application form and nothing else! And instead of doing lots of paper work or any collateral you can easily get the loan approved in a least possible time when you need it most and have no time to wait.

Basically it work as a unsecured loan as it do not require any collateral besides the income proof and because of this feature it becomes the first aid for cash woes even for a unemployed one too. Yes, any unemployed one can also opt for the same and been approved also. The best part of this loan is that it offer funds for unemployed ones also and those who have no job currently can too take relief from their cash worries without any further delay and hassle of collateral.


All the self employed one who find it difficult to have assistance when they need cause they have no proof of their earning and due to having no proof of income can't get a regular loan then self employed loan no income proof can be an apt option for them as its name itself implies it do not needed any proof or any collateral from the applicant while approving the loan.

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