Income proof is no more required to get these loans

27 Nov 2012

Even today there are several people who consider loan as a hassle. It is because lenders used to put several restrictive conditions for borrowers to meet before they could get any loan.

However the scenario has changed today. Now lenders put more importance to your needs than the conditions itself.

One of the essential requirements that lenders wanted you to meet was to produce income proof to be eligible to borrow loans.

But many lenders used to face problem in meeting this condition even if they were employed. The most common problem was that there was no proof of income that could be produced. In case of other set of people, their employers never used to provide any such proofs even if there was any genuine need. So overall, it was a tough condition for most of the people to meet.

This problem still exists to some extent. However to help you in your hour of needs, lenders now offer no income proof unsecured loans. So, to avail this facility, you don’t need to provide the lender with your income proof.  Lenders offer the loan even without any such proof.

Since these loans are specifically designed to meet your short term requirement of cash so the lenders also sets you free from any pledging criteria. This way, you get rid of your unwanted worries about losing your valuable collaterals against the borrowed amount.

These loans are available to you free of cost; there is no need for you to pay any processing fee or up front charges.

Any individual can equally apply for these loans irrespective of their credit ratings. So even if you have a bad credit history or suffer from any related issues like arrears, impending bills, missed payment history, arrears or insolvency you still become eligible to apply for these loans.

To apply, you can directly log on to the homepage of the lender of your choice, fill in an easy application form and submit.

Summary :

If you think borrowing money is a hassle then think again. Now lenders put more importance to your needs than the process and requirements. For example now you can no income proof unsecured loans without offering any proof of your income.

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