Loan approval without least documentation

11 November 2008


No income proof loans are the loans which are specially designed for the people who are self employed and don't have any proof of their income. As other traditional loans require income proof to grant the loan amount to the applicant which makes difficult for the self employed borrowers to apply for the loan. In showing the income proof, lots of documentation and faxing is involved. So to avoid all these unperceptive measures, No income proof loans have been introduced. Now funds are available with no hassle and no income proofs.


No income proof secured loans are great benefit to the people who are in dire need of cash and can't wait till their next pay check to arrive. Self employed people don't have fixed income as like salaried people, their income varies from one month to another. This loan is ideal for employed and self employed who find it difficult in showing the documents to prove their monthly income.

There are certain features which help the self employed people to avail the loan mount with ease. So no documentation work, paper work or faxing is involved. It does not involve any kind of restrictions to the borrowers. No credit history to judge and No collateral to pledge which makes the approval of loan uncomplicated.


There are certain requirements that should be fulfilled before applying for no income proof self employed loans. These are that the borrower should be having the proof of citizenship of UK. He should be an adult with an age of eighteen years or above. You should have permanent address of currently living. You should be regular employed with the earning of at least £1000 per month. You should possess a check account for the online transactions.


No income proof unsecured loans are effective solution to your immediate financial crisis. These loans do not demand any income proof to avail the loan amount. Loan can be used for any of the purpose like for debt consolidation, home improvements, holidays, education, buying a vehicle, wedding and just about anything. You can apply for both secured and unsecured options for income proof loans. Secured is a long term loan with pledging a collateral and unsecured is short term loan without any collateral. These are hassle free loan with no proof required.

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