No hassle of showing your income proofs

19 September 2009

If you run your own business or profession, you are referred as a self employed. The main drawback that the self employed person can face is availing a loan help from financial market. The reason behind this is that they are unable to show their income proofs because their income varies from month to month. No income proof self employed loans are designed for self employed people who need immediate cash.

Moreover, no income proof self employed loans is highly suitable loan service for self employed because the lenders don't demand any income proof from the applicant. This loan can be beneficial for you to get instant relief from your old debts. You can also meet varied number of needs that can be like paying off home installments, purchasing a car, education fee for higher studies, going for vacations and so on.

While applying for these loans you can enjoy two options- secured and unsecured options. If you opt for the secured option, you will need to pledge collateral against the loan amount. Mostly the security pledged can be your car or else you can also pledge any other residential property as collateral. On the other hand for the unsecured option, no collateral is needed to be pledged. Compared to secured option, the interest rate for the unsecured loans is higher due to the absence of collateral.

Secured option avails you the amount ranges from £25000 to £75000 for the time period of 10 to 25 years. On the other hand, unsecured form can allow you to borrow up to £25000 with the repayment term of 1 to 10 years.

However, before applying for no income proof loans you need to go through rigorous researches to get the loan which is best suited to you. You can find several online lenders in the market who will offer you these loans and the rates for each loans are different. Thus, if you want to enjoy lower interest rates and flexible terms, then do not forget to do some good research before choosing any loan deals. Online processing sends you the approval notice in minutes and money in hours in your checking account.

People with bad credit status can also apply with no income proof self employed loans without any hassle. Arrears, defaults, skipped payments, late payments are no more an impediment in the approval. You can simply get the desired funds whenever you needed without any obstruction.


No income proof self employed loans is a swift loan scheme that helps you to provide needed funds without any issue. It can also be termed as an ideal alternative with online medium that offers quick and easy cash aid without any physical effort.

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