Stop arranging for income proof

11 February 2012

Bad time never leave anyone it can influence you without giving any warning to us. People who are self employed have to face severe situations as they don’t have any proof of income that they are earning this much amount per month. For such needy borrowers availing a loan is naturally quite a difficult task. The lenders refused to give them loan as they can’t pay back the money on time. Luckily there is such a provision which fulfills all your demands without asking for income proof.

Most of the lenders before giving you any type of loan always check your income proof your past 3 years audited accounts, personal or bank statement but there is no such obligation while applying for no income proof loans. Whether you have arrears, defaults, county court judgments etc or other credit problem there is nothing to worry about you are eligible to borrow the loan money.

They are an idle for self employed and unemployed applicants who are unable to show their income proof to the lenders. The borrower can attain a loan value ranging from £1000 to £500000 depending on the type of loan you have accessed secured or unsecured one. For the secured one you have to pledge the security while the unsecured one it is not valid.

It’s really easy to apply with us at online service. A simple form is to be completed with a few details about the borrower and you have full freedom to apply from anywhere. There are also no extra charges on these loans. Your information is kept secret for your convenience. An affordable deal can be accessed by you whenever you want. The money is deposited in your bank account without any heftiness.

In order to get approval for the no income proof self employed loans the applicant should qualified the stated terms which are as follows:-

You should hold a permanent residential address of UK.
Your age must be 18 years or above.
A steady flow of income is necessary.
An active checking account is required.


So they offer a comfortable loan opportunity to all the individuals for a short span of time. You will receive funds within the couple of hours without staking any collateral. No arrangements for income proof as they devoid such legal procedures.

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